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Real Sleep Solutions NJ

Do you have trouble sleeping due to sleep apnea? Real Sleep Solutions NJ can help! Over 50 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea. Symptoms include losing sleep, loud and frequent snoring, morning headaches and more. End the suffering and call us today to see if our treatment can help you.

Meet The Doctor

Dr. Leonid Rubinov PHD is one of the leading authorities in using non-invasive techniques to helping sleep apnea patients. Dr. Rubinov has over 30 years experience in his private practice where he has helped hundreds of patients regain their sleep. As a clinical professor in New York University, many study Dr. Rubinov's creative approaches for treatment.

Combining expertise and experience, Dr. Rubinov opened Real Sleep Solutions NJ with a simple goal: to help you sleep better. Book an appointment today to experience the effectiveness of non-invasive treatment for your sleep apnea. Most insurances cover most or all of treatment so you have nothing to lose. Call us today.

Dr. Leonid Rubinov
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